I'm Not Even On Drugs, I'm Just Weird

James Madison University
All Time Low

Brace Yourself; They Call Kids Like Us Vicious
Tennis Ritual in Repeat Teaser →

Tennis has a new album out now! check it out! 

Wild Party - "When I Get Older" →

such a great song! check out the new single from Wild Party

this song is painfully catchy! The Griswolds new single, Beware The Dog 

check out Marco Benevento’s new single At The Show, such a cool and different sound! If you like it, try and go see him on tour this fall! http://marcobenevento.com/index.php/tour-dates/ 

Check out In Flames’ new single! they’re a metal band from Sweden and they’ve just changed up their sound! check it out! 

Stoked to be seeing RubbleBucket at the Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville tomorrow! If you’re in the area you should come check it out! If not, take a listen to one of the singles off their new record! This one is called Carousel Ride https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZPc6WNmjgw&feature=youtu.be



I’m gonna be posting a lot of stuff about/from my internship with ‘stache Media this semester so it would be super awesome if i could get some followers so i’m not just posting to no one! 

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